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Kyle Conway is passionate about providing the best animal feed available to customers across America. Kyle's work experience has acquainted him with some of the best farmers in the state of Arizona. The producers that he deals with are just as passionate about quality animal feed as he is. With Conway, you are not dealing with just another hay broker. Conway's clients purchase their hay from him year after year because they know the consistent quality of his product. Hay quality and consistency are the most critical aspects of the hay business to Kyle Conway. Many farmers are looking for the highest yield from their fields. Lots of tonnage makes economic sense, but it doesn't produce the best product. Hay, like Bermuda grass, beardless wheatgrass, and Teff grass, must be harvested before it is mature to ensure the highest nutritional value and maximum palatability. Early harvesting doesn't produce the most tons per acre for the farmer, but it makes the most excellent quality hay. Kyles standards for Alfalfa hay are second to none. Ranchers from California to Florida recognize the quality is Conway's premium Alfalfa hay. Because of great weather, clean water, and fertile soil in Arizona, Conway Premium Alfalfa hay is in high demand as the best Alfalfa hay available anywhere. At Conway Feed, we know that the health of your animal depends on high-quality feed. We are committed to supplying excellent hay to our customers so your animals will thrive.

Kyle Conway

Kyle Conway is a 6th generation AZ born and raised agricultural entrepreneur. Kyle’s family laid the groundwork early on by modeling work ethic and the responsibilities of being self-employed. Both of Kyle’s parents owned and operated individual successful businesses. Kyle started working on the family ranch at an early age; his working career continued through school and has remained uninterrupted since. His experiences eventually placed him in a position at a local AZ Ag Business firm specializing in the agriculture and western communities. His roles at the firm where primarily focused on retail sales. From the time he began to the time he left; the business’s portfolio nearly doubled in annual sales. As a result, he soon became the region’s General Manager, a position he successfully executed for several years. In 2009 he decided it was time to begin his own journey in business and launched Agri Business Solutions. Agri Business Solutions’ provided for and/or assistance with any farm, ranch or land business, which included real estate transactions, right of way purchases, and commodities enterprises. From 2009 to 2013 Agri Business Solutions built a remarkable portfolio of business experiences and relationships and thus continued to grow every year. Seeing an opportunity in retail hay sales and a niche acquired through the many contacts and relationships Kyle had developed over a lifetime, in 2013 he launched an additional company Conway Feed & Supply. The primary focus of Conway Feed & Supply has been to bring a new and fresh approach to the wholesale and retail hay business.