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Teff Grass Hay For Sale #2


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#2 Teff Grass Hay For Sale

Our #2 Teff hay is grown as a rotational crop for vegetables in sunny Yuma, Arizona. Therefore we believe our Teff is the finest forage quality in the United States. The soil is fertile, and the days are long and sunny. Our growers are passionate about growing and harvesting the best Teff hay available anywhere in the U.S. We believe Teff grass makes the best horse hay and forage for your livestock. 

Our Teff grass contains high protein levels and low starches, perfect for your animal's diet. This is precisely what you want when you are feeding horses. When compared to Alfalfa, horses fed Teff grass hay are calmer and more relaxed due to the low starch content. It is also an excellent forage option for livestock producers and horse owners who want to maintain optimal body weight with more moderate amounts of carbohydrates.

After the soil and the growing conditions, the next step is to harvest the Teff at just the right time so that the nutritional level is high as well as palatable for excellent digestibility. Many horse owners have tried Teff from other sources and said their horse wouldn't eat it. You'll never have to worry about your horses liking our Teff because we harvested it at an early stage. Once the heads form, the nutritional value decreases, and the Teff become bitter to horses. Our #2 Teff hay may have a few young heads present but not enough to make it unpalatable to horses. It has a slightly lower protein content than our premium Teff but still plenty high enough to meet the needs of active horses.

To ensure that you get the same high-quality every time, we meticulously sort and grade our teff grass at our facility. We pride ourselves on the quality and consistency of our hay bales. Our weather in Arizona is perfect for growing top-quality forage for all your feeding needs.

Teff Hay #2 Analysis (Typical-not Guaranteed)

Crude Protein: 15.5%

Digestible Energy (DE): 0.86 Mcal/lb

Lingnin: 3.3%

Crude Fiber: 54.4%

Starch: 0.1%

Relative Feed Value (RFV): 102

Calcium: .47%

Phosphorus: .31%

Ca:P Ratio: 51.51:1

Bale weight: 90-100lbs

Number of stings: 3

Note: The above values are averages from past analysis for comparison purposes and do not represent a certified analysis of this hay. Loads may vary.