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Alfalfa Hay for sale #3


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Alfalfa Hay for sale #3

Alfalfa is a trusted legume hay that is higher in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Alfalfa is more palatable than grass hays, so it is a preferred feed for all horses and livestock. When cured, alfalfa is the best of the legume hays as it is nutritionally dense to keep your growing animals in top shape.

Our #3 Alfalfa Hay is excellent hay at a lower cost. The nutritional value is still high, but there is more sun bleaching involved from rain damage throughout the summer monsoon months and larger stems along with a few weeds in the bale. #3 Alfalfa hay has a more moderate starch content than our premium Alfalfa hay. Because of this, it may make it easier to feed your horses and livestock without much weight gain. The amount of alfalfa hay that you feed should be regulated to prevent your animal from getting fat and maintain their optimal health.

Our #3 alfalfa is an excellent economical choice for those animals that don't require our premium Alfalfa hay. It still has excellent necessary nutrients and has a high protein content in addition to a slightly higher fiber content than our premium alfalfa, but at a lower price. It has a higher stem to leaf ratio, which accounts for the higher fiber. #3 alfalfa hay can be good forage for your cows or horses.

We partner with high-quality hay growers in the U.S. Specific types of hay can make a difference in your production, so as a buyer, choose the best. If you're looking for good quality, mold, and moisture-free alfalfa hay at an affordable price, #3 Alfalfa bales may be your perfect option.

Alfalfa Hay #3 Analysis (Typical-not Guaranteed)

Crude Protein: 12%

Bale weight: 90-100lbs

Number of stings: 3

Note: The above values are averages from past analysis for comparison purposes and do not represent a certified analysis of this hay. Loads may vary.